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Photo taken by: Midori Shinye
Event Description

JV Forrestal School Visit

06/14/16 JV Forrestal School Visit According to the teacher, Mrs. Salvas, she was desperately looking for ethnic groups to comply with the assignment she got from school, “multicultural program”, when she met our culture desk volunteers at the annual Beacon Festival. That was many many years ago, and she said she felt so lucky to find us, MHJCA, a group offering home-visit cultural program which was rare, and still is. So, that was how we had met, and 9 years later, here we are still visiting her 3rd grade class. She is now counting toward her retirement which will be 2 years later. We’ve been keeping the same programs every year – Calligraphy, Origami and Kamishibai paper theater. There used to have Kimono wearing as well but we decided to exclude the program a few years ago because the room was small besides the time was too short to accommodate too many programs. Nevertheless, kids love our program, especially the Jumping Frog game. The truth is, however, I think our instructors are as much enjoying the game. I guess it never be too old to have fun just like kids. Our volunteer’s team work was well coordinated and their team work was excellent as always. I am very proud of them. Thank you all. Midori Shinye Project Leader
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