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Photo taken by: Masashi Miyake
Event Description

Kingston Multicultural Festival

We had such a nice weather and that was what we thought until this very morning. Too bad, it rained. So the event had moved to inside the Andy Murphy Midtown Neighborhood Center, and therefore the Koinobori the flying carp unfortunately wouldn’t be flying under a blue sky as it meant to be. Nevertheless, just to make today’s festival feeling special, we hung the red carp right next our flag as if it were swimming in the air. We brought extra table for Origami because it got always crowded in the past. We also added a craft of Kazaguruma the wind mill hoping kids would enjoy making their own. It was easy to make however I found that using glue was a little messy work for small kids. Finding the perfect paper for wind mill was also a difficult task and that still needs a little more research to improve the paper quality. Besides the Origami table we sold Japanese utensils and crafts including pretty hand-made items Yuriko-san brought. The crowds were slowly becoming heavier and heavier, and by the time when the youth dance was performing the center was pretty much filled with local people. This event requires long hours dedication by limited number of volunteers but it’s very important for us since this is a great opportunity to raise fund for our organization. We were busy, as we expected, and the 4 hours of hard work was always rewarded by lots of happy faces of kids and parents. Our many thanks exclusively goes to Geoff-san who is the lead organizer of this event. With the fund we raised today, maybe we could make bigger Koinobori for the next year. Midori Team leader
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