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Photo taken by: Nobuo Onuma
Event Description

J.V. Forestal Elementary School Visit

The faces of Mrs. Salvas’s 3rd grade kids change every year, and each time we see the new bright and energetic eyes - most of them may have never recognized Calligraphy. Some showed much curiosity while others immediately turned it into painting rather than writing. Since it is not meant to teach writing Japanese any more than just to give them a chance for experience, we try not to limit their challenging spirit. Nevertheless, it was hard to ignore the mess that some “created” as art work while they played with the Sumi-ink without knowing it would never come off once it got on their clothing. Maybe we should have a dress code next time. For Origami, we had our new member as a volunteer. It’s always great to have a new face in our volunteer team, especially young generations who are eager to learn as much as the kids participated in our program. This is a new world that ethnic culture is no longer kept within the ethnical group otherwise some beautiful culture may never thrive. Origami became international art. In some ways it is no longer just a culture but it’s been adopted in science technology. Thinking about the future in which one or some of these kids could be the one may discover a new technology from the idea of Origami gives us a great hope. A hope that our program, seemingly a small part of their daily lives, could be a significant event for someone. So, every year when we saw those new eyes, we enjoy having a new hope for the bright future. We look forward to seeing Mrs. Salvas and her 3rd grade kids next year, again. Midori Shinye Project Team Leader
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