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Photo taken by: Toyoo Mori
Event Description

TANKA Workshop #2

The workshop was held again at the Mori's residence. The subject assigned for the Summer Workshop was "Water", for which all the participants are to come up with minimum of 2 and up to 8 compositions including free style. Each work were first emailed to the instructor prior to the workshop who reviewed and did Tensaku (making correction or re-arrangement) then printed them for a booklet. At the workshop, everyone read out own Tanka poem for analysis or opinions from others. Water is not only the most important necessity in our living but also one of the significant images of "Summer" season. It seems all the participants were strongly inspired by the subject as it resulted with many interesting pieces brought in. Having a new face, Lily-san, also had added more color to the today's workshop. She has been studying Japanese language for 3 years, and now that she found interest in Tanka she had come joined us, accompanied by her younger brother. When composed a Tanka in English it usually loses Tanka's characteristic lyric, and as a result it may turn into a completely different impression. Since she seems enjoyed today's workshop, I am hoping she would one day be able to compose Tanka in Japanese. During tea time, all of us had enjoyed conversation between a teenager and elderly members nevertheless the age difference, and it became a quite interesting workshop with higher spirits after all. Chikako Mori Tanka Instructor (Translated by ms)
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