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Photo taken by: Toyoo Mori
Event Description

2017 Year End Luncheon - BONENKAI

The end of the year 2017 is coming close, and the special lunch Bento box was definitely the best way to enjoy together with nearly 50 people to celebrate what we have achieved this year. There were many volunteers, not only our members but also their families & friends, came to help 2 hours before the luncheon began for setting up and packing the box. I want everyone to know, with Onuma-san couple’s help, most of the food were made by Atsuko-san alone who spent hours, accordingly almost all night, to prepare the ingredients for the Bento. It was her dedication to do something special to make others happy, and that hospitality spirit is exactly the perfect example of how our organization has been standing strong. And, there we had many others also volunteered to help today - All were busy with doing something. English and Japanese language were crossing everywhere. Everyone was smiling and laughing. Someone asked what they are as some of the items not familiar while they are common Japanese food and typically found in Bento-box. I realized it was the best opportunity for them to learn about typical Japanese food. At the end, “Voila!”, there was this gorgeous lunch created by our Bento-volunteer team! In the back of the room, Tanka workshop instructor, Chikako-san, displayed her students’ final work. Some were from Calligraphy workshop as well. Suzumi-san, our Ikebana Flower workshop instructor, also displayed Ikenobo-style flower arrangement to make the atmosphere more celebration mood. On the side, there were tables with Japanese groceries and veggies for sale. The other side of the room there was video showing our events this year set up by Miyake-san so the rest of our members could see our activities. Then, we had Mochi, sticky rice cake, freshly steamed then pound (by machine) as traditionally Japanese people would provide Mochi at celebration and festival. All smiles and laughter were captured in photos taken by Toyoo-san. Our Year-end Luncheon, “Bonen-kai” in Japanese, was ended with raffle. They were little prizes but all donated by members with big and generous heart. Throughout year, just like today, our volunteers offered help to make others happy, and others came to appreciate their dedication. That’s what our organization was established for, and today was one of many we had witnessed the cultural bridge we started building 15 years ago has become bigger and stronger. Thanks to all who helped today, and thanks to all for joining us to share the laughter. The 2017 was another wonderful year. Midori Shinye Chair PS. Every time we had a gathering like this, I promised myself to say hello to each of the participants, especially to new members and non-members who came as our member’s guests, to introduce myself, but again I failed as I got tied up with so many things throughout the entire event. I truly regret for having missed another opportunity and sincerely apologize for not meeting each of you. Please come back to the next gathering.
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