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Photo taken by: Nobuo Onuma
Event Description

Holy Trinity School Visit

As we visit their 3rd grade every year, we see new faces with new characters every time. As innocent and adorable as they are, you can recognize some of them already developed, or probably born with, strong personality. And it shows on their Calligraphy writing. While one of our Instructors, Akiko-san, gives them the basic instruction at the beginning they look at a sample of letter “Spring” in Japanese Kanji character along with student’s first name written in Katakana placed in front of each kids. So, that is how they all start writing calligraphy, most likely, as the first time. And, the writing represents the writer who simply followed own intuition or natural instinct. Very pure and simple yet fascinating. Jumping frog games always seem to bring kids spirits up. It’s indeed wonderful method to lead them to focus on creating something, then release the energy positive way. Its simple form wouldn’t make them too stressful or too hard to follow so no one is left behind, and the winning is entirely up to one little finger and one paper-frog. Probably the winner was so proud and talked about it for days that it might have sounded like the frog made Olympic record. Kimono Kitsuke is always busy. Maybe because everyone tries to grab which Kimono to try on. Some girls immediately fall in love with certain color and never let it go, no matter how tight or short on her. Kids love posing in Kimono when taken photos imitating whatever they think Japanese would do. Most of them, however, somehow remind me of Ninja Turtle… Jodi-sensei looked beautiful in silver Kimono with black Obi. Thanks to Yuriko-san who did her Kitsuke with other’s help. Between Kitsuke and next table, there is always a little time for kids to wait, and that is when Rosemarie comes to tell her story in Japan. Kamishibai, the Paper Theater, is a little bit challenging because I’m afraid kids are so much used to watching more sophisticated images on movies, Anime or YouTubes and they may become bored. So, it would all up to me how I read the story. Maybe I should learn better narrating technique by watching movies and Anime. Again, our volunteer’s team work was such superb that Jodi-sensei thanked us enthusiastically. And, I thank you all for your dedication and cooperation. These kids will remember us, for a long long time. Midori Shinye Project leader
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