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Photo taken by: Toyoo Mori
Event Description

TANKA Workshop #1

On this early Spring day, we held our workshop at the Mori’s. I am pleased to mention that more members are participating since started eight years ago in April 2010 and everyone seems having enthusiasm in writing own impression into Tanka-poem. It’s one of the great ways of enjoying stress-free life. At the same time, you could respect as well as appreciate beautiful Japanese language, though it is understandably difficult to compose properly, and you would find such many benefits. I am extremely proud to inform that one of our members received best award at the NY Haiku competition sponsored by Itoen, and it is absolutely encouraging for me as an instructor knowing members are enjoying life in different ways. This year’s goal is that each would submit up to eight (8) poems including original and at least two Tanka composition based on the designated subject. The reason we decided to limit the subscription count to 8 is that, besides saving cost of printing, it is to practice to select your own work after review and edit yourself. It also helps you focus on the certain subject. It turned out everyone had submitted impressive poems and the 2 hours seemed passed quicker than ever as the atmosphere of today’s workshop was truly filled with high enthusiasm. Let’s keep up with the energy for the future workshop. Chikako Mori Tanka Instructor (translated by ms)
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