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Photo taken by: Masashi Miyake
Event Description

2017 Annual Meeting and Craft Workshop

The annual meeting is very important as it is the best and only opportunity for all of us to be able to hear member’s opinions and discuss for improvement. However, most people may think it’s boring and/or unfortunately not care so much. So, we always try to include some entertainment as attraction and we got something interesting this year... Since there was no Board election for this year, we only had financial report by our Treasurer, Atsuko-san. It seems we’ve been doing all right so far as we did not sustain any serious financial losses last year. Immediately after the meeting, we had a video show, “Kobujyutsu Care”, which is the technique used from Kobujyutsu, a kind of martial arts, originated in Okinawa, Japan, in order for people to learn how to lift or move someone heavier without hurting arms or back which may be very useful while taking care of someone sick or old. Unfortunately, the film was cut short due to limited time. We may consider to bring up again in the future. After the video, we did Origami and Crafts workshop to practice new things. 7 members stayed to challenge Kazaguruma the wind mill and folding umbrella. I wanted to add Koinobori the flying Carp but didn’t have enough time to complete the sample, and my first Koinobori ended up being called flying squid rather than Carp. Before this, I had practiced them by watching YouTube and found it pretty hard. It took me several tries until being able to teach members. As a result, the entire workshop wasn’t only fun but FUNNY as one made cut wrong way so her umbrella had holes. The other who used to show us very complicated Origami now got stuck at the very beginning, and we found lots of papers with so many folding lines but they were no way looking like umbrella but... When we all finally accomplished at the end, after having talked and teased each other a lot and laughed so much, we found ourselves having spent almost 3 hrs after all. But it felt GOOD! Midori Shinye Chair and Workshop Instructor
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