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Photo taken by: Toyoo Mori
Event Description

Spring Luncheon 5/13/2017

This is one of a few occasions that the event is meant entirely for members to enjoy getting together, eating and chit-chatting not just with other members but also non-member families and friends. Thanks to Chikako-san, again, for her coordinating this event - finding a convenient place (this time a Chinese restaurant called “Flaming Grill & Buffet” in Newburgh), creating flyer AND offering flower arrangements for raising fund for MHJCA! They are not just any flowers but all different and beautifully arranged in well-matched vase. The one with lots of wonderfully fragranced lavender-pink lilac from her own garden truly symbolized the mid-Spring flower season, and we all knew that’d be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. The buffet style food was very ideal for who would love to try different food. One of the menus we looked forward was “Chimaki” - it is a steamed tasty sticky rice wrapped with bamboo leaf, but it was substituted with different type of huge leaf – as it’s rare to find and traditionally it’s served on the May 5th’s Children’s Day in Japan. So, having our Spring Gathering in a month of June, celebrating Children’s Day and Mother’s Day to appreciate while enjoying the Chimaki, is considered very appropriate after all as every single one of us was once a child. It was a pleasant day to rejuvenate mind and energy, indeed. Midori Shinye Chair
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