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Photo taken by: Midori Shinye
Event Description

Calligraphy Workshop #2

As much as I enjoy seeing improvement on the writing of the repeated participants, it’s always nice to have new comers. Typically Japanese has some experience if/when they were in elementary school in Japan where they studied calligraphy in a class which I think was required to all schools. Although many haven’t touched a calligraphy brush for decades, it seems just natural thing for Japanese using it, I guess that is because we all write Japanese most of the time. Today’s workshop was focused on each one’s technique and learn how to manipulate own character and personality in writing. There is no such “bad writing” but some are just showing the writer’s strong habit. I always compare it to the driving technique. So, I’m hoping after practicing calligraphy in proper way, each would find her/himself improved driving skill. Well, maybe that’d be a little too much to ask… Anyway, within an hour or so you could see some improvement, and that is the very reason why I enjoy teaching. Midori Shinye Calligraphy Workshop Instructor
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