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Photo taken by: Midori Shinye
Event Description

Mizuhiki Workshop at Millbrook High School

It was a challenge for us because all of us, except Keiko-san the instructor, just freshly learned how to make Mizuhiki-tie and now that we are here at Millbrook High School to teach their students along with Georgia-san’s Japan Club members. Because they are young therefore usually learn things very quickly, we expected they’d pick up the technique right away and by the end of cession they might be able to do it quicker than us. Surprisingly, most of them seemed pretty much confused with Mizuhiki-ties twisted and crossed. Maybe working with thin strings/ties to create an art is still unfamiliar culture to them. But it must have been the same when Origami art was first introduced to Americans. Now, however, look at how many Origami books and YouTube videos available showing lots of complicated Origami forms. So, Mizuhiki could become as popular as Origami one day soon, and these kids will be the first one to present Mizuhiki art to public because their work will be decorating invitation cards for our 8/11/18 wedding project. It was exiting to think about it while we enjoyed having them practice together. We sincerely thank our member as well as the Millbrook High School teacher, Georgia-san, Millbrook High School and the Millbrook Central School District for their support on this project. Midori Shinye Project leader
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