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Photo taken by: Midori Shinye
Event Description

JV Forrestal Elementary School visit

Mrs. Salvas still clearly remembers how she had found MHJCA, a perfect candidate group for the cultural program curriculum for her 3rd grade class. Accordingly, it was more than 10 years ago at one of the local festivals in which MHJCA had a table presenting our program. We’ve been seeing her every year since, and this is the year we would say good-bye instead of “See you next year” as she is at her retirement. Over the years we changed the programs but not that much – We have discontinued Kimono wearing, only because the classroom was too small for having with 2 other programs (Origami & Calligraphy) within the limited time. Kamishibai theatre remained, and at this Mrs. Salvas’s last year I’d changed the story from “Hanasaka Jiisan” to “Momotaro”, just because I found a perfect farewell gift to Mrs. Salvas among our folk art items which someone had donated to us – a miniature “Momotaro” doll in glass case holding a flag saying “Japan’s No. 1” just like the story. We sincerely hope she’d remember the story and us whenever she looked at it. I was told by other members that there was a time no one knew about MHJCA and our members were looking for the venues to demonstrate our program. I think Mrs. Salvas was one of the first supporters, and I’m sure our members were very excited and appreciated when she first contacted us. Today, she offered us to take one of her Japanese folk arts displaying on the wall – a big umbrella. Just because I had no idea what to do with it, I kindly declined. But now I regret that we didn’t take it. Nevertheless, we will remember her for a long time and will come back next year to her 3rd grade class with new kids and a new teacher. Thank you and Good-bye, Mrs. Salvas. Midori Shinye Team Leader
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