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Photo taken by: Toyoo Mori
Event Description

2018 Fall Gathering

Our old Tea Ceremony, just like other cultures, has been modified yet its traditional forms remained. So as the philosophy and spirit. It’s no longer just for higher class people but has been adapted and carried by “ordinary people”. I suspect that is why the culture has survived this long. We certainly appreciate the opportunity. Having experienced and advanced level tea servers in our member is definitely beneficial to us especially when we have a special event such as Nodate. Today, our servers demonstrated “Chabako (Tea Box)” following “Hana-shoboh (a form of flower arrangement by a head guest upon request by the server) by Atsuko-san. Chabako – Tsuki demae, considered the most elegant form of Chabako called “Moon”, was served by Taeko-san followed by Yuriko-san’s Chabako – “Wakei”. Today’s special guest was Scott-san who has been studying “Chado (Tea Ceremony)” for over 20 years. And to our delightful surprise, he helped us during the service by explaining the forms and procedure to our guests in English. Not just because he speaks perfect English and has knowledge of Chado but also he has such soothing tone of voice that he was naturally perfect for the job. Today’s temperature was regretfully not favorable for us to sit outside for the ceremony, so we had moved the set-up to indoors. But we certainly enjoyed such an elegant ceremony which helped us imagine the perfect autumn atmosphere. The potluck, as our most favorite and exiting event with many variety surprises, was indeed filled with lots of delicious food. When all of the 26 guests left the Mori’s residence 4 hours later, I’m sure everyone was well satisfied with what they had experienced today. For that, we’d like to thank to the Mori-sans and the 3 tea servers who organized today’s special Nodate. Midori Shinye Chair
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