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Photo taken by: Masashi Miyake
Event Description

Mochi Tasting and sale

A total of 38 participants including MHJCA members and non-members attended the event held for the first time, "Freshly Pounded Mochi Rice Cake Tasting and Sale”. In order to satisfy everyone's stomach with freshly pounded mochi rice cake, 3 mochi rice cake pounding machines owned by the MHJCA members were set. Each machine with 8 cups of short grain glutinous rice at a time was steamed and pounded. 2 out of 3 machines were in full force for total of 5 times during the 2 hour event. Three board members each cooked 24 cups of short grain glutinous rice in their own kitchen at home prior to the event to make kirimochi (cut up mochi rice cakes) for sale. Steamed glutinous rice was stretched into square pan then waited to harden. Each mochi rice cake sheet was hand-cut into 36 pieces for total of 9 sheets. Natto (fermented soybeans) was also home-produced by cooking 1 kilogram of organic soybeans followed by fermentation. Mochi rice cake toppings served by the Chair’s guests were; grated radish, home-produced natto, regular and sugar soy sauce, sweetened soybean flour, sweet red beans, and nori. All were very memorable and familiar taste to Japanese tongue. Guests selected whatever toppings they wish for their liking. Yuriko Tanaka-Jones
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