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Photo taken by: Midori Shinye
Event Description

Kitsuke Workshop #1

Since we’ve learned the basics in the previous workshops, though we must admit we haven’t mastered yet, now that we are focusing on the details. Today, Chikako-san, the instructor, told us more specific points when dressing Obi-belt securely yet comfortably. In addition, her self-created way of tying Nagoya-Obi in Taiko-style (back portion) “avoiding twisting” the most delicate parts of Obi, especially if it’s embroidered, was again explained carefully and methodically. The idea is, as it was frequently reminded, that the entire procedure including the exact position of each items must be remembered like choreography. Then, practice and practice, according to the instructor. By the way, you’d better exercise your both arms and shoulders, little by little, to being able to reach your back in order not only just to “hold” the Obi but also “fold” it without looking at it, and without getting hurt. If you see the results on the photos, even slightly improved from the last time, that’d promise that we’re getting there. One thing, at least, was noticed – it is no longer as painful or confusing as before. Midori Shinye Project Organizer
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