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Photo taken by: Masashi Miyake
Event Description

Holy Trinity School visit

Here we are, again, at the old Holy Trinity Church which is located right next to the school to meet with their 3rd grade kids on our annual visit for cultural program: While Origami Jumping Frog comes back every year, we change the Kanji character for Calligraphy, and we chose a letter “light” this year thinking the word might be appropriate after a long cold winter. Kid’s Kimonos for Kitsuke are getting worn out little by little but they are still good enough to make kids smile and giggle. Rosemarie’s story about Japan has become very important part of our program now. Kids living in the world with computer and mobile phone still seem interested in Kamishibai the paper theater. And, because of the technology, their knowledge about Japan from information obtained much easier than ever are very fresh and updated, and some questions actually surprised us as they were definitely highly intelligent. Thankfully, many of our volunteers were well educated and with their help today’s program ended as another successful event. We were certain that warm and bright light was shining on these smart children to guide them to the future. Midori Shinye Project Leader
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