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Photo taken by: Masashi Miyake
Event Description

2018 Annual Meeting

There were 14 members attended at our annual meeting. Following are the topics we’d like all of you members to note: New Board of Directors and Committees for 2018 & 2019 term Chair: Midori Shinye Vice Chair & IT Committee & Flashnews Publishing Editor: Yuriko Tanaka-Jones Treasurer & Financial Committee: Atsuko Shimojo Director: Keiko Wright Election and Nomination Committee Chair: Mayumi D’Agostino IT Service: Masashi Miyake Flashnews Photo Editor: Toyoo Mori Please be advised, Secretary position is still unoccupied, and we’re hoping someone would take the very important position in the near future. Until then, Board of Directors will share the task. Updates and changes made in 2017 Gas mileage will continue providing to volunteers who attended public events (except seminars) based on a 1/3 of IRS approved rate. Members List will no longer be available to members. Promote more volunteers and update the list Treasurer’s report: Our annual financial report will be available on our website. 2018’s Events Schedule: Please check our Events Schedule received periodically. The annual meeting was followed by bento lunch prepared by Atsuko-san, for that we’d like to give her special thanks. Midori Shinye Chair
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