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Photo taken by: Nobuo Onuma
Event Description

Tanka Workshop #1

As nor'easter was over, we started feeling a bit of early spring finally after a long winter. So today was one of these afternoons and we had our first Tanka workshop this year - "Spring". The subject was again "Onomatopoeia" - meaning the use of imitative and naturally suggestive words for rhetorical, dramatic or poetic effect. While there is few abstract noun in Japanese language, you would find Onomatopoeia quite often. It seems that people would rather express more sensuously than theoretically, preferably by using Onomatopoeia. Since this was the second time we studied this subject, everyone seemed composing Tanka easily. Before started, we read silent pray for one of the member's husband who recently passed away, and there was a composition written expressing exact her feeling deeply from heart. As it is common that people may be more sympathize with sadness, loneliness and pain than happiness in poem, Tanka is certainly suitable for the purpose. Today, we had meet a member from Manhattan and a new member from Tuxedo. The mood was definitely up and that was perfect for celebrating the arrival of spring. I was delighted to see our Tanka workshop opened up to more participants. Chikako Mori Tanka Instructor
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