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Photo taken by: Masashi Miyake
Event Description

Way of Tea Demo & Workshop at Marist College

There was a school-wide Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Observance Week going on from April 9th through April 13th at Marist College organized by the Asian Alliance Club. We were initially invited for Tea Ceremony program to be a part of the special week however the date was rescheduled on 04/18. So here we are, again, came back to their beautiful and extensive campus facing to the Hudson River. At our last program here, we did a demonstration with Usu-cha (light tea) for the first 30 minute with our staff as guests in the traditional but rather casual form, followed by hands-on workshop where each participants could learn how to make own Matcha tea and taste it in proper way. It received such high praise, so we decided to do the same this time again. Initially, we expected to have as many as 60 people but it turned out to be about 40 students showed up. In today’s performance, however, we realized several important points we’d need to improve. First of all, we neglected practice and rehearsal so it showed. In spite of many regrets we had, we were very happy that we could provide our unique program specially designed to have participants experience the harmony in making Matcha tea, to which we again received compliment and lots of appreciation from students. We’d like to thank to Francesca Treglia, president of the Asian Alliance Club, who had approached us for this special occasion. We also thank to their club members who helped us carry boxes of materials. No matter how the situation turned out, our volunteers were always cooperative, for that I truly appreciated. Midori Shinye Project Leader
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