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Photo taken by: Toyoo Mori
Event Description

Nodate Tea Ceremony

10/02/21 Nodate Tea Ceremony at Desmond-Fish Public Library in Garrison

The day was blessed with beautiful weather - the perfect way to welcome the beginning of the fall season. On the library’s lawn looking towards the flower garden, we held a Ryurei-style Nodate tea ceremony for the 23 guests who had reserved seats through the library.

After a depressing year and a half, during which many felt safer staying inside and not socializing, people have started feeling more relaxed while outside. It was indeed very refreshing to be able to share a peaceful moment in the sun while watching a tea master prepare matcha in the form of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Our exclusive handmade tea sweets ("chagashi") added to the atmosphere with their delicately designed Japanese maple leaves, a traditional symbol of autumn in Japan. After two demonstrations, the guests had the chance to ask questions and many did with much enthusiasm. Some were about our traditional attire, kimono, as all 9 women wore them for the ceremony. The questions kept coming even during cleanup time.

We were happy to provide guests the opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture beyond just observing the demonstration. The tea ceremony was even blessed with a visit by a peregrine falcon towards the end.
We would like to thank the Desmond-Fish Public Library, especially Karen and Justice, for their cooperation and support in making this happen.

And as always, to our volunteer members:
My program co-leader Atsuko and I would like to thank you all for volunteering without hesitation in spite of the last-minute call. Without your help and great teamwork, we never could have this done so successfully.

Finally, I want everyone to know that without Atsuko-san’s endless hard work, this special program would never exist. On behalf of all MHJCA members, I would like to sincerely thank you for your dedication. Thank you, Atchan!
Midori Shinye
Nodate Program Leader
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