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Photo taken by: Toyoo Mori
Event Description

Calligraphy & Origami Workshop

Origami and Calligraphy Workshop

It was a beautiful summer evening on the Hudson River waterfront as instructors from the Mid-Hudson Japanese Community Association led two workshops for patrons of the Newburgh Free Library on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

Calligraphy teachers Chikako and Taeko instructed their students to write “fireworks” in anticipation of the July 4 holiday. Students also had the opportunity to use their new calligraphy skills to write on ema (wishing boards) to hang up. Origami teachers Atsuko and Yoko led their students in folding the famous paper cranes.

There was a range of ages for the participants - from teenagers to senior citizens! Everyone had a chance to practice their skills at each Japanese art form. We also had help from Sang (Taeko’s husband) and Toyoo (Chikako’s husband), who helped set up, take down, and photograph the workshop.

The students enjoyed their lessons and were so reluctant to leave (the security guards had to kick us out!). We hope this is the first of many collaborations with the Newburgh Free Library.

Georgia Herring-Trott
Program leader
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