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Photo taken by: Yuriko Tanaka-Jones
Event Description

Kingston Multicultural Festival

It’s been years since last time we had this festival outside at the original location, T.R. Gallo Park. As a matter of fact, it is the first time the weather was normal – not as hot as 90 degree or rain. However, the crowds were not as large as we hoped. Besides, there weren’t as many kids as we had seen in the past. Unfortunately, Greek and Mexican groups were not there either. But festival was filled with energy as it was expected to be. We had lots of folk items to sell for fund-raising, and although it wasn’t as much as I hoped we’d sold about 1/3 of them. I was actually surprised at that a huge frame of Sumo-wrestlers drawing was sold! It was indeed a fine art, and I’m glad someone had good eyes to see it. Thanks to Keiko-san who helped sell it for $20 instead of $5 I initially planned but forgot to attach the price tag… Origami table wasn’t as busy as before either, definitely due to less kids. But whenever filled with guests, kids or adults, they seemed enjoying every minute of it. This festival was always fun to participate, unfortunately, until this time. There was this lady with 2 little girls. The older one who was about 1st or 2nd grade wanted one of the 3 cute bells and didn’t let go even though her mother told her she didn’t have money for $2 for the set of 3 bells. When I was distracted by something else and turned back around a minute later, the mother and her 2 kids were gone, and so were the 3 bells. It’d be impossible the mother did not notice her daughter had it since it was a bell anyway making noise constantly. She could’ve returned it or come back to pay for it later but she never did. It wasn’t the $2 we’d lost but the fact that the mother had allowed her daughter to keep it by stealing was extremely disturbing. The consequence could not be ignored. We sincerely wished the little girl’s future to be turned to completely different direction, to the right and positive direction, by good people. God help her. Midori Shinye Project organizer
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